THANHMAIHSK is Vietnamese well-known company in Chinese education. As a circle of business, THANHMAIHSK also created and being very popular in Chinese studying abroad programs and other related activities. THANHMAIHSK is proud to be Vietnamese top class Chinese education center, by following advantages:

Guaranteed 100% teachers are master degree or above.

Fastest Chinese study process, which allows student to archive HSK3 in only 3 months, HSK5 in 1 year.

Worldwide student network, regular student interaction activities.

Modern facilities and numbers of branches (5) all over Vietnam.



 THANHMAIHSK was first created in late 2012, by founder PhD. Tran Thi Thanh Mai, Hanoi University Chinese teacher. She graduated Bachelor at Fudan University, China and PhD at Wuhan University, China.

 The company officially run in 2013 and archived first 1000 students in just 2 years, by providing excellent HSK teaching quality and student results. THANHMAIHSK as one of the earliest Chinese education center in Hanoi, keeping good pace over the years and opened the second branch at Ho Chi Minh city, in 2016. This is an important milestone to remember since THANHMAIHSK is the first Chinese Education center to ever set foot at both North and South of Vietnam.

 The 3rd and 4th branch was opened in 2017 and the 5th is opened in August 8, 2018, making THANHMAIHSK to be the biggest Chinese education center in Vietnam, with 450-1200 new students each month.

 Along with the success of education field, THANHMAIHSK also have a strong relationship with China universities, especially Shanghai University.

 Through the years, THANHMAIHSK signed an important operation contract with Shanghai University which made both sides to be officially became partners (2015). Until now, THANHMAIHSK had played an essential role in Shanghai University international student recruiting programs, by hosting many authorized  workshops and recruiting activities.   

 Students from THANHMAIHSK have excellent Chinese skills and also one of the best students among Shanghai University international Students.


Culture & Mission

 The rising of THANHMAIHSK makes the Chinese education market in Vietnam warmed up again. Numbers of new center opened every day. But THANHMAIHSK always keep the most important values that defined the brand: “Quality, Prestige and Connect”. THANHMAIHSK not only have the guarantee in teaching quality, but also connects and bring other opportunities to the students, such as studying abroad, Chinese job opportunities, and so much more.

 The core mission and also the core value of THANHMAIHSK is to bring the Chinese learning opportunity to all Vietnamese, and to create a completed Chinese environment, from study to work, which is the only in Vietnam.